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We have developed a new multifilament core we never used before. A very different material offering unprecedented characteristics. A new generation of very high quality strings.

No string before has ever offered such a great playing sensation and elegant sound metamorphosis! A genuinely high end string.



At first they were suggested for professionals, soloists in orchestras, chamber-music players, but they are also highly esteemed by well-known jazz violinists.
Thanks to their price, they are accessible to all players.



In order to best preserve the characteristics of the strings, Corelli is adding a new anti oxidation bag.

The individual strings will also come with this special packing (by 5 pieces).

The string keeps its freshness intact for an extended period.


Comments from musicians

"(...) A week later: The G as mentioned above is quite explosive and a nice rich bass sound, very smooth and guttural.. an even sound all the way up the fingerboard. It loses no volume going up, it stays strong and easy to play.
The D settled in quite well, as we know it is the hardest string to fit in. I would personally like it a bit thicker in sound, for a smoother transition to the A but again, I only have to play 4 notes on the G. The transition though from D through to the E is very smooth without drop so it things might be better left as they are.
The A is still awesome, silky smooth and fits perfectly between the D and E. Great sound to the highest positions as with the G no break in sound.
The E is well adjusted to the set, nothing fantastic but is passes well.
Overall after one week, I can say the strings are really good, I had always been a Gut man and these will definitely bring me over J They have a certain velvety brilliance.
... One last thing, what impresses me the most, not only the volume, is the ease of a great PIANO. Yes they can be loud, but the Pianos are sublime... easy to get and the crescendos... the range of colors is really good and the ease of response is also very good." - Claude Roumain

"Dear Savarez, I have set up my old Italian violin with your new strings at last.
I put on a G forte tension, D forte tension, A forte tension and a E Alliance Vivace.
Now I'm very surprised because my violin seems to reborn! I can say that G and D are wonderful.
The sound is very rich and warm, very powerful with great dynamic and many overtones. I can play very easy pianissimo and fortissimo and changing dynamic is very linear. I can "dig in" on the strings with a beautiful and NO scratchy sound. These two strings are the most similar I have tried until today to my "old" gut strings P. O., but your strings outperform gut for power, dynamic and stability of tuning. The color of sound is very similar, and that's good.
The E matches quite well with the other three strings, perhaps with a bit less volume of the others and a bit more brilliant color of sound.
I like very much the dark and coloured sound that these "forte" strings produce: under the fingers they don't have much tension, despite the name "forte"!
With these strings I have to play a bit more near the bridge, the same as gut strings, so they don't seem synthetic at all. ...As soon as possible I'll put a medium set on another violin." - Andrea Scaramella, violin and viola, soloist , Italia

"As you recommended, I started with the G Forte. I found it a bit slow to respond. I replaced it with G Medium and was very pleased with the color, projection and clarity.
Then I moved on to the D Forte and Medium. I found the Forte to be more interesting on my violin than the Medium next the G Medium in terms of power, projection and balance.
Next up: the A Forte. WOW! What a string! The A string is sometimes the "weak" string in a set, but this string is unbelievable. It has the combination of power and sweetness, of roundness of tone. The A Medium was a little bit more edgy, more metallic. I preferred the A Forte for its roundness, fullness of tone.
The E Forte was nice in terms of power and brilliance. The E Medium was a bit thin in size for my taste. So I ended up mixing CANTIGA G Medium, D Forte, A Forte.
Overall, I am very satisfied with that set and am looking forward to trying it next week in rehearsals and performances in the concert hall.
I also wanted to mention that all the strings feel very smooth under the fingers. It is very easy to shift back and forth on the fingerboard as there is no rugged surface on the strings slowing down the fingers.
Also, what I found amazing is that all the strings in both sets were nice and balanced all the way up the fingerboard. They didn't loose any tone, clarity or projection in high positions.
Do you have a launch date for the production set and/or availability time in the USA? Sincerely," - Mr. Xavier Deblack, Principal Second Violin, Madison Symphony Orchestra, Wisconsin - USA

Thanks to the invitation of the violin maker, Mr Thomas Metzler in Glendale, California, USA, the Corelli CANTIGA strings have been introduced to a large audience of musicians and violin makers.