Strings for Harps: Nylon, Alliance KF, Boyau, Strings Filées

The control of advanced technologies thanks to laser rays, computer science, automatism of controls and research of new materials, has allowed Savarez to develop a wide range of harp strings of different natures and gauges in order to satisfy the demand of musicians, manufacturers and distributors.:

About the range:

On two types of harp of a different conception but of identical vibrating lengths, may be necessary to use different tensions and consequently different gauges.

Besides, for a same tension on different types of instruments, it can be necessary to play on a different gauge. The new developed range of strings offers a solution to their necessities.

Therefore, Savarez proposes different qualities of strings for harps :

According to their habits, it is possible for harpists, to make their own sets with Nylon strings for thinnest gauges of high octaves combined with Alliance KF strings of larger gauges for lower octaves.


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