A real innovation! This strings are manufactured from composites fibres

A production which requires fine and sophisticated technologies that only Savarez could implement until now.

Thanks to the technologies, Savarez can produce strings which geometrical qualities are perfect and which resist to the tensions required by the harp. Many years of work and a focusing of complicated technologies were necessary to obtain such a result.

A long work on the molecules, some molecular relationships and the rate of “cristalinity” allow Savarez to obtain an elongation and an elasticity identical to the ones of the gut.

The density of these strings is extremely close to the one of the gut, so the comparison takes more value. So though gut strings still are very popular, Alliance KF strings have a perfect alternative sound for those who wish to take profit of gut sound and synthetic strings advantages.

Alliance KF fibres :

are a real innovation,
offer a quality of remarkable sound,
represent a favourable alternative of gut strings,
have a longer life time and a total insensibility at the exterior perturbations.

Consequently, KF strings :

have a clear and sonorous sound very closed to the one of the gut, with an important projection and duration of the sound ; the more the gauge increases, the best the sound of the Alliance KF strings is ;

are totally insensitive at the humidity and the atmospheric variations so that they can be played in all the climatic conditions and they offer a perfect holding chord;

are proposed at a very competitive price.


See references below

It exists :


See references below

In order to make the choice of the string easier for a precise position , from the position 000 to the position 33, Savarez has established a list of standard diameters.

In this list, the references used previously for concert harp (from reference HK000 to reference HK33) are indicated as new references HPK, on the same level.

In the other columns Savarez suggests also a list of inferior and superior diameter for a same position to “solve the problem” of different tensions :

according to the model, it can be sometimes necessary to adapt the gauge to the specification of the instrument which may not have the same shape (therefore presents different vibrating lengths and for a same tension requires a different gauge).

the model may have the same vibrating length, but due to its conception, requires different tension (plus or minus)

on a same instrument; musicians want different tension to play with stiffer or more flexible strings. For example, with a position 19, we propose 3 gauges : 105 - 108 or 116.


See references below

Two examples of possible gauges for :

Small and classical “without pedal” harps and for different types of Irish harp, whatever the harp size is.

Often, Alliance KF strings can be selected for a lower tension, in comparison with Nylon strings or gut strings.

Besides, it is essential to understand that after one or two hours playing, strings get longer and the tension is lightly inferior to the initial one but the flexibility increases.

Alliance KF strings offer an obvious advantage on small harps because they can replace Nylon with a very strong quality of the sound at a very competitive price.


References and gauges for Harp de Concert and Petite Harp:

References and gauges for cordes de 1 m.:

See the chart

References and gauges for cordes de 1,50 m.:

See the chart

References and gauges for cordes de 2 m.:

See the chart


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